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How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Internet Data Connection

Hello friends, Today I reveal about that how to unlock the android if you forgot the pattern and your Email-ID also not work for some reasons like you can’t on your data and perhaps you should forgot your Email-ID and also you did not save your ID in your android phone. This is a general problem many person faced it and I also faced it two times but I have a super target solution that’s work all time but condition will be apply that you should have a quality. But to my view maximum person go into service center for reboot or flash it. And they takes more time but some companies who do not give a good service like “MICROMAX in Jaipur they take more and more time, so it convert into a big problem.

So I think that I reveal you that ->

How to unlock android pattern lock without internet data connection or to e-mail ID


How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Internet Data Connection

It included some simple steps.

  • First of all  You switch off your device to turn off button basically you know about it....
  • Click on volume up button and hold it, if your phone have home button also press and hold it.
  • After it does not remove your fingers to these buttons and start your phone to turn ON/OFF button.
How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Internet Data Connection
  • Then start your phone just release only ON/OFF button.
  • Then you will see android image then release all buttons
  • You can see here a menu it’s called secret menu, if this menu you can’t see repeat this process after switch off 10 to 15 minutes.
  • After open secret menu, your buttons will be work as Volume up and down button use for UP and DOWN and ON/OFF button for click any option. So you will go on third option that is “wipe data/factory reset” click on this option and some option also open after it and one must be "DELETE ALL USER DATA" click here and wait for delete it.
  • When all process is complete your device will be switch off and after 2 to 3 seconds it’s again ON. Process will be complete you can use your phone it will not ask any password or E-mail ID.


Other Way of How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Internet Data Connection


1. Switch off your device to power button.
2. Connect to computer or Lapy or charger to USB cable because its need power for open this menu so connected to one and try.
3. Start your phone to “Volume down button + switch on button Or Home Key + Volume Down Key + Switch of button.”
4. A menu open in your device if its can’t open try again and again I try it 4 times.
5. select clear flash to Home key and wait.
Your device will be turn off and get more time in start.
After start it will be reset all data.
You can also get the backup of it ……


Note – Your phone will be lost all save data and system after update and its look like a new phone and your contacts, texts, application all are deleted. 

It’s all the process for help you if you don’t have any branded phone although you will use this process perhaps it will be work and your problem can solve easily. So believe me and use this method in any android phone I wish that it will be work on your device.How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Internet Data Connection

If this process not work in your phone please write comment with your phone model and brand I try to give answer of  “How to unlock android pattern lock of your phone”, because its process not work all the phone brands like Sony Xperia L and etc. But mainly it work maximum brands.

If it will be not open You can also try without off your device to connect your device of power’s supply device. 

If this post help you for your phone please don’t forget your feedback because it will be help me and my website globemash.com, and you have any other easy way of it please reveal me I can change my post, Thank-You guys for your support.


PRAJAPAT ROCK is the founder and author of GLOBEMASH.COM, he is currently pursuing B.tech from GIT stream MECHENICAL Branch from jaipur as well as he is also associate and a web developer in Corporate infocom Private limited India (CIPL). He is a techno-Blogger by choice and a hardcore lover of next gen technology whether related to electronics, software or Web Applications. I am belong to world class city JAIPUR, and alone work on my two website with full on dedication.


  1. tabrezahmed89@gmail.com' tabrez ahmed says:

    help me my phone is lock……

  2. verma.tannu04@gmail.com' tannu says:

    Sir, I have karbon A11+ (Android 4.0.4) I change mya pattern lock nd forgot now its locked!
    my internet data is off i can’t log in with my accout
    please sir help

  3. nikmaswthrt@gmail.com' suraj says:

    its not working with my device micromax a72 canvas pls tell me any easy way i know my gmail id and passward but data connection wifi all are off

  4. jainsagar910@yahoo.com' jain sagar says:

    sir i forget my mobile pattern micromax A72 nd i dont have internet connection also

  5. biswasaikia98@yahoo.in' biswa says:

    sir,,i have a samsung phn s6321 bt it is lock for too many pattern attempts and iforget my mail password..so plz sir hlp me

  6. abhirupprk@gmail.com' Abhirup says:

    My XOLO A500 model android 4.0 I forget my pattern lock password and my data or wifi connection is off.I tried the process when on my phone after pressing volume up key it shows with a android sign Downloading…
    Do not turn off target!!
    Sir please help me.THANK YOU

    • Sir, first you download update file, link or update file will be send on your gmail ID.
      Then transfer this file in your external SD card. then reboot your device….

      follow these step -
      1. Switch of your device and add your SD card in your device.
      2. after start again this device press recovery button. It can be Power + Volume Up OR Power + Vol Down OR Power + Vol Up + Vol Down OR Power + Home + Volume Down.
      3. After open phone’s recovery, install the update zip file from sd card, you had copied to your device. If installation is successful, then reboot your device.
      If the zip file had flashed successfully, you should get no lock screen now and your phone should unlock without asking for any password.

  7. contact_to_raman@yahoo.com' raman prajapati says:

    I loss my password of android mobile and wifi and data usgae is off. And i do not want to loss my data specially whats app. So kindly guide us how can we restore it or unlcok the mobile without loss of any data

    • Sir if this way work in your phone. You will be reboot this way. Because WhatsApp give a option of restore all data to SD card when you install whatsApp again.
      If this process will not be work in your phone then reveal me again. I give you another solution of it.

  8. Sunil.kumar24195@gmail.com' Sunil says:

    Sir, I have Micromax A50,Android(2.3.6).It is lock for too many pattern attems. I don’t have internet connecton aiso.
    plz suggest me

    • Sir,
      flashing is single way of it.
      so i send you flashing file or link and also process.
      Flash your phone to this process its 100% work.

      • amsath87@gmail.com' Amsath says:

        Dear brother, my micromax A27 ninja mobile had pattern lock.gmail is not signing in.i have no internet connection.So please tell me a solution and if i have to flash it means send me a flashing file please. Thanking you.

    • Sunil sir, you can try it its 100% work
      1. Switch off your device.
      2. Connect to computer or PC to USB cable.
      3. Start your phone to “Volume down button + switch on button”
      4. A menu open in your device if its can’t open try again and again I try it 4 times.
      5. select clear flash to Home key. and wait
      Your device will be turn off and get more time in start.
      After start it will be reset all data.
      You can also get the backup of it ……

  9. tamilstar50@gmail.com' tamilselvan says:

    sir,, i have a samsung modal num GT-S5302 it is lock for to many pattarn locked and i forget may mail password so pls help me sir

    • 1. Turn off your samsung GT-S5302
      2 Start it to Press and hold volume up + home + power
      3. wait for secret menu.
      4. after it select Clear data/factory reset using your volume up-down button and confirm it by pressing the power button or menu button then select yes using volume up.
      Then it will proceed with the wiping of data then after that process is completed just reboot your phone and start it normally and the pattern should be gone.

  10. Ichsanrizky69@gmail.com' Ichsan says:

    It won’t work on ma phone.. My phone is lenovo a390.. Please help, thanks..

  11. eliasahmedkp@gmail.com' Elias Ahmed says:

    My phone is Samsung Galaxy Wonder GT-I8150.This processes can not work. please help me…

    • After installing bad or unsupported application into your Samsung mobile phone which causes your phone to be frozen.
      So you try process of my post if it will be work.
      and I thing it will be work in Samsung Galaxy Wonder GT-I8150 and restore your phone

  12. Ichsanrizky69@gmail.com' Ichsan says:

    Thanks sir, one more question.. what did u mean ‘instal driver’ ? I don’t get it, i’m indonesian.. Please :) thx

  13. Ichsanrizky69@gmail.com' Ichsan says:

    Im stuck, i dont understand how to install driver. And i cant find the correct serial port, there’s just windows microsoft, there’s no other.. Please help, thanks :)

  14. ramahk92@yahoo.com' ram kumar says:

    sir.my fujezone smart tab mt12 is locked and askes for user name and password .i enter user name and password but answer is incorrect user name and password.how can i unlock it.if any ther method by which we can unlock without internet connection,,,,please help me

  15. Ichsanrizky69@gmail.com' Ichsan says:

    Thanks Sir, I’ll try :)

  16. ali.syed.f11@gmail.com' Syed Faizan Ali says:

    I have LG-P690, and its not working on it..plz help

  17. Gopalchandc155@gmail.com' Gopal says:

    Boss, how can we unlock any sd card if we forget password.. I hav 1idea bt it can be done by n72 but in those days i nevr found N72 SO hav u any new idea.?

  18. kumar123ckn@gmail.com' kumar says:

    my model name is byond b55. its not working on it… plz help sir

    • Sir,
      Thats not a branded phone so you try service centre of this phone.
      Update zip files are not available on the net.
      Thank you sir for comment and sorry that I can not help you.

  19. priyankeshraj@gmail.com' Priyankesh Raj says:

    How to unlock android pattern lock.
    brand=SANSUI Model=SA32
    please help

    • If my this process not work in your phone SANSUI SA32 you can try it …..
      1. Switch off your device.
      2. Connect to computer or Lapy or charger to USB cable because its need power for open this menu so connected to one and try.
      3. Start your phone to “Volume down button + switch on button”
      4. A menu open in your device if its can’t open try again and again I try it 4 times.
      5. select clear flash to Home key. and wait
      Your device will be turn off and get more time in start.
      After start it will be reset all data.
      You can also get the backup of it ……

  20. fazilpurbilal@gmail.com' Arain bilal multani says:

    I Have spice staler nhance(MI-435). ilost my pattern lock and also my data connection and wifi is off. when i use your trick to unlock patern lock. but it show with an andriod sign downloading……
    Do not turn off target!!
    sir plz help, THINKING YOU

  21. mr.jeevi@hotmail.com' Jeevithan A says:

    Hey Bro,
    Im using Karbonn Titanium S5. I have locked my phone with pattern lock and my data is off. Plz help me to unlock my phone. I know hoe to restore factory setting but i need the data in my phone those are very important.

    Jeevithan A.,

  22. pranshupachauri026@gmail.com' Pranshu Pachauri says:

    Sir, My mobile is also security pattern locked and my mobile is alcatel one touch 985N and I my network connection & wifi is off. So I am trying many times But it is not what you said so what can I do help me sir.

  23. amaaniy@gmail.com' amaaniy says:

    Sir, my tablet model is GSSMID-7002S. i tried these steps so many times. but i couldn’t get that menu. and also my tablet is on airplane mode. so ican’t access internet. because it says, “too many patterns attemps” and says my Google username and password are wrong.
    what can i do? pls help me sir…

  24. subu.cooldude@gmail.com' subhadra says:

    sir i own a sony experia l
    my phone is locked
    i dnt remember the pattern and the data connection is also off
    pl,ease help

  25. dandiwa@yahoo.coml' Lovepreet Singh says:

    I have a karbonn a90 i wnat to reset my phone but when i press the volume up or down button with power on/off button it shows some error and there is a error icon shows.So,please help me to reset my phone please reply.

    • Sorry sir,
      For late bcoz i m busy in these days…

      Sir it solve easily to Gpg Dragon Box ,, Download this software to search on google and try given below method

      Open dragon tool after install,,
      1. use spd tab.
      2. Selected android boot 6820.
      3. First info get and after format option stick — just user data removed ( Other option not selected )

      Its done with in few seconds

  26. kabeerl1985@gmail.com' Kabeer says:

    Thank you for sharing your information about andriod handset am very glad and thanksfull to your helpfull instractions about unlock my handset. kabeerl from pk. ;)

  27. neeraj.2tu@gmail.com' neeraj kumar says:

    I have karbon smart a6 android mobile. its lock after too many pattern attempted..
    I read ur above method and try but it could success..when I press volume up and power button together.. its show a screen with triangle(!) this symbol inside the triangle….usb debugging and data mode is off…how can I solve my problem plz help me….

    • Sir directly it can’t be possible if secret menu will not be open so try to some flash software like .. .. ..

      Volcano, Miracle Box, Gpg Dragon etc. etc..

      To volcano ->

      1. Open volcano box after install it.

      2. Choose spd tab in it.

      3. Choose boot 6820/8810 and set budrat to 460800.

      4. Mark on format and press start and press vol up and keep pressing till finish.

      You can also try to firmware file of karbonn 6 ..
      Link of it I send you on your ID

  28. jjrk95@gmail.com' jay says:

    sir,,i have a samsung phone
    5830 bt it is lock for too many
    pattern attempts and iforget my
    mail password..so plz sir hlp me

  29. kirankolath10@gmail.com' Kiran says:

    I m using micro max a 116. It is locked n unlocking has failed using username n password (data connection is off).. Factory Resetting also failed…how to unlock it now

    • Mam if secret menu will be open than . . . . .
      select option to leftmost soft capactive Options button to enter, It will be work..
      And if you can’t open the secret menu than you try to “volume up+volume down+power key”

  30. donsuraj54@gmail.com' Suraj jangid says:

    I have karbonn A51 my phone is locked ,I also forgot my Id please help me sir.

  31. salmansaif36@gmail.com' salman says:

    i tried ur ways but on the screen its just a android and a warning logo?
    whats tha matter???

  32. drstalinsatheesh@gmail.com' stalinsatheesh says:

    its not working for celkon A85 can u pls help me

  33. drstalinsatheesh@gmail.com' stalinsatheesh says:

    its not working for celkon A85 can u pls help me sir after pressing power button nd volume key i got only testing options but there is no restore or clear option so pls help me

  34. Sr use wordpress for website ,,
    Here you can create website without any coding….

  35. drstalinsatheesh@gmail.com' stalinsatheesh says:

    sir after downloading celkon a85 flash software can u pls tell me procedure step by step sir

  36. garpban@gmail.com' garp says:

    not working with my xperia z..dont have internet conection n forgot pattern

  37. I have Acer Iconia Tablet A500. Came factory: Honeycomb (?), a few updates then last update I had installed pattern lock to promptly forget. While last update in progress, lost power. The “pattern” never returned to be stalled at Google sign-in screen. I installed update.zip which put it to OS 4.3, Google sign-in screen remains. I tried various key combinations and various helpful installations and the paperclip method to no avail. I tried a usb keyboard which altered the sign-in screen to the default red screen, circle lock and camera and the camera works but cannot access any other screen, will not unlock. Managed to install Mobogeni on PC (HP pavilion desktop all-in-one, Win 8.1) and Acer sync, was able to extract all info and photos saved to HP. Have a number of icons on status bar to which none operational. There is the icon for wifi but has a question mark and will not connect as my other cheap tablet does (had used bluetooth on now dysfunctional laptop but HP has no bluetooth). Tried Mobo root, didn’t work. Hoped to send signal to delete the pattern app altogether yet not knowledgeable enough. Not knowledgeable to root either. Tried some other resources last few days and lost Touchpal keyboard, still have general keyboard (touch). In search for site I saved about sending information with the command window located your site yet cannot locate information about tablets. In the hopes you have developed instructions for the non-initiated, hope you might post the instructions for the (older person and unknowledgable). I purchased new and registered as well as purchasing many apps from Google yet Google no longer shows my device nor recognizes it any longer. I found it to become dysfunctional two days after warranty expired, wrote Acer (no avail), wrote Google (no answer), joined xda developers, phandroid and other sites to become more confused than ever. Felt there was some way to delete the pattern app altogether and as mentioned, found something which now eludes me altogether. Grateful for any information you might provide. Please utilize my experience for any post you may desire yet please edit out personal information. Thank you very much

  38. harikek@gmail.com' Hari says:

    I have intex cloud x1 model. my mobile locked and don’t have internet connection & Wifi enabled….
    Please help me. if my mobile unlocked you’ll be very thankful person in my life……

  39. pp32088@gmail.com' prince patel says:

    sir i have lava iris 351 it is lock for too many pattern attems.i don’t have internet connection and wi-fi. plz sir help me my phone unlock

  40. printonpackaging@yahoo.com' HARSHAD PATEL says:

    my huawei u8180-1 android phone is locked many patterns attampt.but i can unlock myphone without internet connection.

  41. printonpackaging@yahoo.com' HARSHAD PATEL says:


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  43. vijitghude72@gmail.com' vijit says:

    sir i am facing the same problem with my sony xperia l
    please hand me some solution so that i can rid out of the problem as soon as possible,
    can’t hard reset my xperia l with power +up button.

  44. rahulsoni201224@gmail.com' Rahul soni says:

    sir,i have problem my zen tablet is locked and i have no internet connection so plz help sir……

  45. Maamicade@gmail.com' Maami says:

    Hi i try to hold power and volume i get all steps but there is only one problem when i touched it go up some steps but not factor reset

  46. Brother i forget my samsung naxus s pattern lock.And i didn’t add google account.I can’t unlock it.Please help me to unlock my phone.And don’t want to lost my data file cause it’s very important for me.Pls bro help me to unlock my pattern lock without losing my data.Must be reply my dear.really i’m on danger for this

  47. Kevaltrivedi18@gmail.com' Keval Trivedi says:

    i have xolo q1000 opus model.but the above solution doesnt solve my pattan lock,so please help me to solve this problem,i havn’t data conection…
    Thank u…

  48. yasiranthur@gmail.com' yasir says:

    simply super

  49. samirg1479@gmail.com' Samir says:

    My Micormax A51 phone got locked due to too many patterns attempt & I forgot my Gmail password pls help Sir.

  50. sonu910002@gmail.com' sonu raj says:

    my phone is micromax a40 which is pattern will be locked so i want to solution to open my phone

  51. badiuddinkhan8@gmail.com' badiuddin says:

    Bull shit this process is known to maximum android users shd hav told the way in which data could be saved..!!!

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  53. Hurrah, that’s what I was looking for, what a data! present here at this webpage,
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  54. knightkingachu42@gmail.com' Akshay says:

    I forgot my pattern lock password and my data or wifi connection is off. I tried the process when on my phone after pressing the volume down key it shows with a android sign
    Do not turn off target!!
    Sir plz help me
    Thank u

  55. jerilynzeller@gmail.com' program says:

    Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too. This kind
    of clever work and coverage! Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve
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  56. gpgauti@gmail.com' Gautam Patel says:

    Sir my mobile’s model Spice mi-425. i applied your advise but in my phone only one option called -entry qpst download coming no other option…plzz advise..

    • 1. First Press and hold Volume UP + Power key it will show fastboot recovery in green screen.
      continue press and hold don’t leave the keys until it shows recovery in red screen.
      as soon as red screen appears press home key and android logo will come.
      select wipe data/ factory reset and select yes.
      now reboot device.

  57. singhdavlairh3831@gmail.com' harjjet singh says:

    pls tell me how to unlock sansui sa40 pattern lock

  58. mhhsoft@gmail.com' Hazem says:

    Sir my mobile is Sony Xperia L c2105, I made a pattern and forgot it, gmail account is surprisely not working as well, net connection is disabled and I’m stuck. Could you please help.

  59. facebook says:

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  60. mansaforu@gmail.com' manish chetri says:

    Dear sir,
    I am having karbonn a 11 and my phone has benn locked through pattern … and I have forgotton the pattern and mail id is not logging in as mobile data is off.. and I need the backkup of the data in my mobile…please help me sir I am in trouble.

    Waiting for your fruitful revert sir.
    Manish chhetri

  61. ojha.abhishek.abhishek@gmail.com' ABHISHEK OJHA says:

    thankx a lott admin it realy works on my cellphone

  62. tyrell_toro@gmail.com' what are seo says:

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  63. kin.sandhya@gmail.com' Kannan says:

    Hello, I forgot my pattern on my Karbonn A51 mobile and wifi is disable to access google account, please help to unlock my phone.

  64. budha411@gmail.com' Pawan Budha says:

    I have problem to unlock my phone.
    How can I unlock my phone.
    Help me sir.
    Brand= colors X50
    So plz help me sir….

  65. beegrekokto@gmail.com' Aashik Yadav says:

    sir, i have attempt alot of wrong pattern so my phone(macromax A40) is locked and it ask for email id and password but whenever i write it says wrong. and i tried your method “vol.up+ switch on”. and i show following option..
    .factory test
    .phone test
    .factory used

    .PCBA test
    .full volume test
    .kb test
    .view phone test result
    .item test
    .BT EUT
    .ctp calibrate

    and 1 thing i cannot click on first 3 option. please sir help me.

  66. AtmaSambitkar8@outlook.com' AtmaSambit says:

    sir my micromax funbook talk p362 is locked and i have no internet connection, also repairing center cant help me , plz help me and kindly send me the process to unlock it

  67. rajeev.pandit46@gmail.com' Rajeev says:

    I forgot my samsung glaxy star(GT S5282)pattern lock password and my gmail account is not working and i also tried hard reset using key combination but it is also not working.It Shows Downloading with Android sign.
    sir help me and plz send me some software links.

  68. arishbaig@gmail.com' arish says:

    hi i have karbon A6 . its locked . i want to unlock it without internet connection . pls help .

    factory reset option not coming when i am doing volume+power button .. only mobile test options are visible

  69. sonusah@gmail.com' sonu sah says:

    how to unlock micromax a35

  70. javedalam1439@gmail.com' javed alam says:

    my lock by many attemps pattern and i done all process of reset but i cannot succes actualy when i have press power button + up volume key then i show a factory used but selection is no go to the after press volume key. please help me

  71. ram.arya2009@gmail.com' Ramesh says:

    My SonyTablet S is locked due to many attemps of false patterns. how to enter in to tab without internet. I don’t wanna miss the data. please specify any method.

  72. jeanniesulong@yahoo.com' Jeannie says:

    Your solution is really works. Thank you very much.

  73. Shahinsha12@gmail.com' Shahin says:

    I’m using Moto G(Kitkat Version). I forgot the key pattern, tried 80 to 90 times, then I tried to give mail details but unfortunately i turned off wifi and mobile data also. i cant unlock it. plz help me to unlock without reset…

  74. bhupendrahawkins@gmail.com' bhupendra singh says:

    I have micromax funbook talk. I forgot my pattern lock and also userid and password. Pls guide me how to unlock it. I tried ur above advise but cant do it. Kindly tell.me.how can i unlock my tab now.

    • first switch off the tablet. Then for scrolling and selecting the options connect an input device such as keyboard to the funbook. Then press three buttons altogether [options+volume up+power button] to open the android recovery menu. Then use your keyboard up+down arrow keys to scroll between options and enter key to select. And for hard reset select the 3rd option. Remember after reset the apps that you have installed by yourself would be deleted.

  75. amsath87@gmail.com' Amsath says:

    Dear brother,
    please send me a flashing file for my micromax a27 ninja.

    Thanking you

  76. er.mr.manishrana@gmail.com' manish says:

    sir my mobile phone sansui a41 locked…i have done whole the things apart of flashing file. i have done switch off procedure nd volume down key + power on button nd that time my charger also connected bt i dint get food result ,, the problem is still there…if flashing file is only way then plz sent me these file..nd if u have other way to fix this problem then plz tell me…i will be very thankful to you….

  77. sathwik.sehwag219@gmail.com' sathwik says:

    sir, i have karbonn A51 phone. it has android 4.0 ics. how can i update it into 4.3 jellybean? phone does not have update s/w option.

  78. sathwik.sehwag219@gmail.com' sathwik says:

    am owning karbonn a 51 mobile. how can i update it to 4.3 gingerbread?

  79. kaushikera064@gmail.com' Jazz says:

    Sir I have videocon A47 and now i m not able to unlock it what to do? plz tell?

    • 1.Press and hold volume up + power button.

      2.Till Android logo will appear.

      3.After press power key *three* times

      4.now press vol down key one time

      5.Now press power key two time

      5.scroll with vol keys

      6.to select press power key
      Report Post

  80. Cs.20geet@gmail.com' geet says:

    sir i have MOTO g (motorola) android 4.4.2 ,.. i chnge my pattrn lock & frgt nw its locked….my internet connection is also off.. i can’t log in with my account…
    plese sir help..

  81. 1984uk@gmail.com' udhaya says:

    Hai Sir, I have micromax A50 where my child drawn too many patterns and got locked and not accessing from my google account kindly suggest how to unlock the phone without losing my contacts.

    • you can try it its 100% work
      1. Switch off your device.
      2. Connect to computer or PC to USB cable.
      3. Start your phone to “Volume down button + switch on button”
      4. A menu open in your device if its can’t open try again and again I try it 4 times.
      5. select clear flash to Home key. and wait
      Your device will be turn off and get more time in start.
      After start it will be reset all data.
      You can also get the backup of it ……

  82. nalavadeatul@gmail.com' atul says:

    I hav karbon a51 but it get lock dur to wrong password but when try doing hard reset its shows triangle with ! sign in it when I press volume up + home+ power botton pls sir help me its urgent ….thank u…

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